Thursday, May 21, 2009

Michael Vick Released to Repent

Weighing in on a popular, or trendy topic is not my usual angle, but this one is noteworthy to me on a personal level. Having witnessed animal atrocities inflicted by humans in foreign countries it seems appalling that animal cruelty still thrives in the underground in this country. I remember a stunning film that had dog-fighting as backdrop in Amorres Perros to illustrate the commonplace cruelty in third world nations.

The Vick case only brings to forefront a cruel, baseless "sport" of dog-fighting as a means of gambling on the damage done by one beast to another. It does seem a bit of a double standard when well-intention humans exhibit gladiator-style cagefighting on cable TV, but animals should not be subject to purposeful engagement of their natural tendencies to fight. Pit Bulls, in particular are not apt to stop at submission. The best thing that Michael Vick can do is become an advocate for the cause to stop dog-fighting as a sport. He should publically speak out against his atrocities and turn the tide against this cruelty. As a sports figure he would stand out as a role model for enlightenment and help bring an end to the least in this country. Please see the Human Society for further information

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