Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Home Infested with Fleas due to Groomer

Yes, I have become a victim of flea infestation. You see, our white Standard Poodle, Ruprecht, gets groomed every five weeks. I usually use Advantage on him to control fleas. The directions say to apply once a month. So the Advantage was running out of power and the dog had to be groomed. Now this groomer has been hit or miss with his haircuts. It was always kind of a mystery as to what he would look like. This time he received a very close cut. And it was uneven. We immediately noticed that Rupie was restless. We chalked it up to a bad, close haircut. I noticed his skin was redder than usual. He was running back and forth through the house. He is normally a nervous, active guy so we didn't think much of it. Now a veterinarian's pet is supposed to be exempt from problems, right? Wrong. Upon closer examination, spread his tight curly coat, he was TEAMING WITH FLEAS. Now these fleas are of the nuclear survivor variety. Fleas acquired from a grooming parlor are those who have survived the harshest flea shampoo. They have survived Advantage, Frontline and Revolution. These are angry fleas looking to set up shop in some poor, unsuspecting veterinarian's house will have a field day. This is because that vet will be in such a state of denial that his pet could have any problems he can't fix, or prevent. How dare fleas attack my dog?? I'm a vet.

By the time we noticed this infestation, it was too late. The house was overcome with these nasty little bugs. They were chewing up my kids in their own beds. See we have hardwood floors, but there are several throw rugs that are happy homes for these nuclear fleas. I immediately applied Advantage to Rupie and watched them succumb. They were dying and moving to his head and tail like passengers of the Titanic leaping off both ends of the ship. The nuclear survivors were mad and looking for their next meal. Unfortunately we were the main course. Although the dog was now safe, we had to act fast(actually too late). My wife bought a "natural" spray to "kill" the fleas. We sprayed everywhere and although there was a nice scent, the fleas simply laughed and continued on their merry way. I have ordered Vet Kem Siphotrol, a product I know (and hope it still) works. It's actually good for ants, as I recall. I hope our counter-barrage is successful.

The moral of the story: ALWAYS check your pet for fleas before you leave the grooming parlor. If there are fleas, demand another bath, or apply a topical flea med from your vet (not Hartz, or other over-the-counter cheap solution - it is usually toxic to the pet). It's gonna be a long, hot summer. Use flea preventatives now. You can order directly from our vetstore. Don't allow the nuclear grooming parlor fleas set up their camp in your home. I was in denial.

Update: We stripped every bed and couch and sprayed the Siphotrol everywhere. We then aired it out. Tonight, my son had a flea jump on him and jump away. Another survivor...

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