Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fleas Still on Attack

Day 10: it's madness here in this house. They are biting us all over. The children are scratching themselves to bleed. I keep fighting the little buggers. We spray and double apply Advantage and they keep coming. I keep finding them on myself when in the car (which I bombed), when in my bedroom (which was bombed...twice). Okay. So in the interim we acquired another canine host: Garbo. A 9 year old Standard Poodle, white. She is very sweet, and susceptible to skin allergy and infection (secondary to flea bites). Oh and she also has an E. Coli urinary tract infection. That's under control with Baytril. Anyway we now all have to get out and torch this house to end the insanity. Every twitch an imagined flea is biting into my leg, my back, belly. Is that a FLEA on me, or a mole???? Oh crap, I ripped off a mole, no... it IS a flea!
Am I going insane? Why can't a vet control a simple flea infestation??? Why? Because these are the aforementioned NUCLEAR fleas. They have spent many generations living at the grooming parlor perfecting their invincibility through constant bombardment with a myriad of insecticides, shampoos, harsh chemicals and emerged a NEW SUBSPECIES capable of exponentially multiplying, infesting the house while dining on the human and canine inhabitants therein. These mutant bloodsuckers brush off harmless chemicals, like Advantage and Siphotrol, laughing and munching as they go. These little bastards who are biting the living hell out of my family originally smuggled themselves here upon my unsuspecting male Standard, Ruprecht. He must have brushed against an infested dog there, or from the cracks of the dark, damp holding kennels and cages of the grooming parlor. I must descend on them with mighty fury a camera crew and fix them...In any case we need to vacate. I'm going to use Borate powder to desiccate the fleas in the carpets, yet the couches and beds are infested. I might call a company like Terminix [visited site] Ah yes this is what we are dealing with: I captured one and it appears it is the cat flea (More viscous to pets and people). It is darker and smaller than the less hearty dog flea.

Time for the big guns. Moral again: Check pet for fleas with careful inspection using a flea comb before leaving any grooming, boarding facility, veterinary hospital. Use a verifiably effective flea product for all pets. Check for fleas regularly.

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